Prince George's County Fair

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Like I mentioned earlier, I've worn this look too many times within the past couple of months. Here, I wore it to the Prince George's (PG) County Fair.

Can't recall the last time I went to a fair. Probably in my teens. Probably. Brea hit us up asking if we were down for an evening of games, animals, funnel cakes, and a whole lot of goofing off.

We were.

Apologies for the lack of animal photos. It seems like I did a rack of Instagram Stories instead. The videos stories are saved on my phone but I totally don't feel like uploading them to this post. Oh, there were some mechanical bull riding, too. Also, in video photos. Yeah.

(l-r) Elle, Dionna, some girl wearing yellow, Brea

We pretty much closed down the fair. It was a lot of fun and definitely fed my child-like spirit within me.