National Thrift Shop Day

One thing I've noticed about social media these past few years is that there's a 'National...Day' for anything. Some makes little to no sense. And the others make me want to celebrate. Like today...

HAPPY THRIFT SHOP DAY! *insert reggae/dancehall airhorn here*

You already know about my love for thrifting so there's no need for a rehash. I'll just say that whenever I'm in a style rut or whenever I want a particular style or design and these online or retail stores don't have what I want (or it does but at a ridiculous price), a thrift store will always come in the clutch for me. Always. Without fail.

I wanted a bright multi-color stripe dress for the longest. Entered a Unique Thrift store recently, just because, and first thing I see was this multi-color stripe faux wrap dress from Ashley Stewart. Praise be. I also did some serious thrift shopping for an upcoming holiday vacation. My plan is to style outfits from the items throughout. You'll know if it went off without a hitch when you see a recap post of said looks. So fingers crossed.

Last thing: check out Savers' 2018 State of Reuse Report nicely titled, Style Comes Full Circle. It highlights what donating gently used clothing does for the environment. Also, the report dedicates a few pages on what people want out of thrift stores. It's a great read.