Words of Affirmation

It's been a couple of years since I've last created a legit vision board.

In fact, three years. 

Picture it: My bedroom, 2017. Frustrated with life, I hastily ripped off the 2016 vision board off the wall. In my head, the visions on that particular board wasn't materializing into my life as fast as I would have liked. Granted, I still had the board from the previous year which meant those goals were for that year and not the present year which was 2017. Who knows. 

Gathering as many magazines I could find, I decided to create an affirmation board filled with uplifting words and phrases. In that moment, I needed words (and creativity) to pull me out of my frustrations. To restore belief in myself. A board I can look to when I'm feeling yucky. Or when I need a bit of reassurance.

You see, I'm big on affirmations. In fact, my love language is word of affirmation. Makes sense I'd create this kinda board. What took me so damn long? Anywho, my thought process was not only to find encouraging words but also images of well known women I admire for either their personality and/or style. It may not be a vision board, per se, but it's visual due to the images.

Still yet to really delve into the world of yoga, though. Considering flexibility and being more consistent with stretching are high on my list, I should take yoga more seriously. But it requires focus and meditation and...arghhh. The way my mind wanders so quickly...the struggle. Some day, some day.

If having a vision board ain't your thang, try making an affirmation board. Create the board in such a way it can become wall art to spruce up your bedroom or office space. I have mine right above my home office desk. Another suggestion is to get an item or wear an item with a word or phrase that'll boost your mood. 

My affirmation board helps me. Even in the year that was 2019, it helped me on some days. With a vision board, they're meant to be replaced with new goals at the start of a new year. Also, it's meant to provide guidance on what you want to achieve. Remember, though, it still begins (and end) with you. You have to begin the process of working toward whatever goal is tacked or taped on that vision board of yours. In relation to the affirmation board, it starts with me to look at the encouraging words, phrases, images whenever I'm feeling down. This is why the board stays. Three years going strong, why toss it out now?

It helps.