And It Was All Yellow

A very known fact about myself is my love for the color purple. It's really real. Case in point: I'm tapping on customized purple polka dot keyboards on my laptop; my Galaxy Note 9 phone is purple; when I highlight a word, it's purple; my Swiftkey keyboard theme on my phone is purple; my favorite eyeglasses are purple and the new ones I just purchased have specks of purple (high key fuschia, really). 

You get the point.

But let me find out I've been sleeping on yellow, though.

The color looks good on me, no? Okay, this was a rhetorical question given I've showcased myself wearing a mustard jacket dress, yellow cropped pants, and an yellow subtle animal print dress within the past few months. So, yeah, even I had an inkling that yellow looks good on me. However, my eyes didn't truly open until I found myself purchasing and then wearing this cozy, oversize chunky rib cardigan from one of my favorite online stores. For some added pizzazz, I wore it as a one shoulder top.  The floral pleated skirt is thrift find.

This look is bright, fun, and can brighten any ol' day. 

Here are more yellow options for the upcoming spring and summer seasons: