Wear I Went: Morocco Travel Meetup

It's been a hot minute since I've last went on an international trip (London and Paris in '17). And as much as I'd love to be a part of Brea's Morocco Immersion Tour later on this year, at least I got a preview of some sorts.

Brea of Wear I Went is hosting more than 10 women on an almost two week travel vacation to Morocco. In collaboration with Morocco Immersion Tours and Adventures, this ultimate travel will feature not only the touristy places but will take them deep into the beauty of the country. While listening to Brea breakdown the massive and in-depth itinerary, I definitely felt the case of FOMO. But 'tis alright, I'll be living vicariously through her thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram Stories.

Kimberly Smith, Co-Owner of Brown Beauty Co-op

The travel meetup was held at a new beauty boutique called The Brown Beauty Co-op. It's beautifully decorated and carefully curates the best of the best in black women hair and beauty needs. Plus there's a salon for makeup services.

Another fun thing to witness were the women who'll be at the tour meeting each other for the first time...and also meeting Brea, as well. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to know the folks going on the same trip as yourself, no?

Brea also provided tips on what to expect on the trip, what to wear, and how to pack for the 10 day travel. Her suggestions included bringing tunics, wide leg pants, comfortable shoes (sneakers, Toms, flip-flops, etc.), bathing suits (despite Morocco being a conservative Muslim country, a lot of the hotels and resorts cater to tourists so expect lots of indoor and outdoor pools and saunas), and of course, medicine. You can read more here.

Brea is very passionate and it showed at the well thought out and fun Wear I Went: Morocco Travel Meetup event. She also has a detailed post of the tour here.