Catch 22 DMV

Since I really like Milk & Honey Cafe, I wanted to check out their newest restaurant, Catch 22 DMV

Cheesecake Waffle & Chicken with a side of 2 scrambled eggs

Spring is around the corner (even though the photos in this post is stating otherwise) and with that comes beautiful weather and an uptick in brunch meetups. 

While we did visit Catch 22 earlier this year - deep into the winter season, mind you - the restaurant would be a great choice for sunnier, warmer days, thanks to its outside dining. Inside, there's a large bar area, a huge dining space, and plenty of couches and lounge seating. Something tells me when the clock hits a certain time at night, Catch 22 becomes a totally different atmosphere. The food was delicious (see photo above for proof) and there's bottomless mimosas! Or in my case, champagne, because not a fan of pulp in orange juice. Yuck. Price point is fair: not too expensive but not light on the pockets, either.

I haven't tried the dinner menu and hoping to do so soon. But I highly recommend their brunch.