Entrepreneur, Till I Die. I Deserve This. Bye.

*This post was originally published on 07/16/2019. 

Issa is one funny lady, I swear. She has that dead-panned sarcasm humor down pat. And she comes off charismatic and relatable in the process.

Some people just have IT...

Get into her amazing and inspiring speech while accepting the Emerging Entrepreneur Award at the 2019 Women in Film Gala -

I must maintain this mood for the remainder of '19. It'll be hard because I'm not a fan of talking about myself and accomplishments. If you haven't noticed, I'm more comfortable in the background while letting other people that I love and care about get their shine. Rooting for folks (especially the underdogs) is what I genuinely do best.

But I know from time to time, you gotta toot your own horn to let these people KNOW. Understand? Cool.

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ETA 07/31/2020: I gotta big up myself once again because I finished quite a challenge. Marquita put me on to Mattie James' consistency challenges during the quarantine season. I believe it started in June with posting on the 'Gram everyday. I knew immediately it wasn't for me so I passed. This month rolls around and once again, Marquita sent me an update. However, I was still hesitant because dedicating a full month on publishing a blog post everyday, Mon-Fri, would be a lot. Even thinking about this now still exhausts me. But guess what, tho? I completed the challenge. 20 posts in July.

Do me a favor? On the right hand section of this blog, look for 'Throwback' and click 'View All'. Now scroll until you find a month with the highest number of entries. I'll give you a second. Okay. If you looked well enough the answer would be November 2018 with 14 published blog posts. So you mean to tell me during my almost ten years of having Heart Print & Style, the most published posts I've done in a month was only 14? Craziness. But I'm sure even back then I thought I was doing something. And you know what? I was! Creating a blog post is not easy peasy. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. A lot. On average, it takes me about 2 hours to create a post; a little more when affiliate links are involved. I even took a huge risk creating some (well, most) of the blog posts on the same day. I tried to keep a schedule of posting before 12pm. As the month rolled by, I saw myself posting much, much later. There was a day I posted damn near at 11pm. But I had an excuse - Verzuz between D! M! X! and Snoop Dogg. I was jamming away while attempting to complete the draft as quickly as possible. Time management is something I continue to work on and when it comes to drafting blog posts, you gotta have some kinda time management routine. It's a must.

Not even gonna predict or set a goal on how I'm moving forward with blog posts. I just wanted to give myself props for completing this consistency challenge.

I'm proud of myself.