Finding Your Good

When podcast launch and thrifting comes together it's cause for celebration. 

A few weeks before the event, I along with selected DC area bloggers/influencers went to our respective Goodwill locations to source out clothing that'll be up for purchase at the event. I did something similar, also for Goodwill, a few years ago here.

Who's that lady?
I think I know her.

The event took place at Goodwill Fairfax, VA location. Quite a hike for me but getting to see my friends, fellow bloggers/influencers, and customers shopping my rack with customized Heart Print & Style tags attached was well worth the drive.

Chef Roro's World served delicious vegan breakfast options.
DC area bloggers/influencers who participated in either the pop-shop event, podcast or both.
Carolyn Becker (r) is the lead blogger at Finding Your Good and the mastermind behind the podcast launch.

The event was also a celebration of Finding Your Good's podcast launch. Your favorite plus size blogger (that'll be me) was invited to appear in an episode, 10 Years of Curvy Blogging.

I haven't entered a thrift store this year and since we're deep into 'Rona season with no end in sight, it may even be a bit longer. Maybe it's the thought of being in a space where items were previously worn by other humans. What if some of these humans had/have the virus? It should be noted to always, always, ALWAYS wash purchased thrift/consignment/second hand/whatever you wanna call it clothing. Valid thoughts to have given the extreme circumstances. 

I totally miss thrifting,