Golden Globes '20

Joey King in Iris Van Herpen
An unique dress she's pulling off due to her amazing makeup and superb hairstyle choice.
The heels should've been black or silver.

Awards season is officially now up and running starting with last night's Golden Globes.

Hosting for what he claims it'll be the last time, Ricky Gervais gave us his usual no holes barred, ferocious monologue with a truly genuine not giving a fuck attitude. It was funny at times, not gonna lie. His shtick works.

Two moments made this evening watch all worth it - well, three if you count Pierce Brosnan's tall emo-ish long-haired model looking son being one of Golden Globes ambassador of the evening whose job was basically giving winners their awards then ushering them off stage (Or trying to. Case in point, Brad Pitt) - was watching two of the most likeable people in Hollywood getting their flowers: Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks.

Ellen was awarded the Carol Burnett Award for her achievement in television. You youngins may not remember but there was a time Ms. Ellen had a fairly good, mildly successful comedy TV series on ABC. And she chose to come out of the closet on said show. And the public outrage forced ABC to cancel said show. And it took her years to bounce back but bounce back she did with her long running daytime show, The Ellen Degeneres Show. This sequence was the basis of Kate McKinnon's tribute as she shared a time when she realized she just may be gay. While watching this moment, it took me a beat to realize, oh, Kate just came out the closet. Anywho, Ellen's speech was relatable, funny as heck, and passionate.

Now tell me why I got a wee bit emotional watching Tom Hanks' film montage. Like my eyes welled with tears. Geez...that man is an actor. Plus he was on The Love Boat! What a legend. Too bad his fine ass son, Chet, kinda stole the man's thunder last night with a video of him speaking Jamaican patois on the red carpet (color me shock but apparently dude is a rapper....who at one point defended his choice to say the, huh?) Seeing Tom on stage holding his Cecil B. DeMille award - an lifetime achievement award - I'm like, shit, I'm old, o! Granted we all gotta grow up sometime but yikes.

Congratulations to Succession (high on my 'Yet to Watch but I Should' List), Fleabag, Phoebe Bridge-Waller, Chernobyl, Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Hollywood (one of the few movies from last year I'd like to watch), Elton John, Awkwafina, and Laura Dern.

Fashion time.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Gucci
Stunning dress. Absolutely love the color!
But again, wrong shoe choice. But what would've worked?
Phoebe Bridge-Waller in Ralph & Russo Couture
This works...yet it doesn't.
The blazer is sickening - in a good way.
So it's gotta be the pants.
But I like the lace hem.
Laura Dern in Saint Laurent
Beautiful dress. And the hair works with the dress, giving me luxe California beach girl vibes.
Ana de Armas in Ralph & Russo Couture
When she graced the stage, I gasped at the stunning dress.
I know black has always been a (smart) choice for evening wear...
...but navy blue is giving it a run for its money.
Naomi Watts in Giorgio Armani Prive
When contrasting prints and texture works.
Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent
When contrasting prints and texture doesn't work.
Dakota Fanning in Dior
The color and tulle skirt is very pretty.
Not feeling the exaggerated shoulders.
And the nude/brown smokey eyes make her look washed out against the lavender.
Billy Porter in Alex Vinash
It's cute enough.
Like the pop of color with the bag.
Charlize Theron in Dior
Oh ma'am.
That green should be a bit brighter to have more of an impact.
Even still, this dress is not it.
What's with the random limp ass sash/train?
Jennifer Lopez in Valentino Couture
Goodness gracious.
Y'know, the contrasting oversized double bow is growing on me.
It's that damn white skirt looking like a fuckin' comforter. Yuck.
What a let down of a look for someone gunning for an Oscar nomination.
Kerry Washington in Altuzarra
Nah, homes. Not feelin' this at all.
The jacket opening is too damn wide. The body chain is cute, tho.
Love the lipstick color. Me want.
Gwyneth Paltrow in Fendi
Bitch is trolling us. Yes, this has to be the case.
Because, whaaa?!