Striped Sleeveless Jacket + Striped Turtleneck

I've been in possession of the sleeveless jacket for some months, not once wearing the item. For some odd reason, this harmless striped item intimidated me.

There were so many times I reached for the sleeveless jacket only to quickly hang it back in the closet. So why did I buy it then? Cause it's cute and I saw its potential.

Then on a random day it hit me - wear the jacket as a dress. Duh.

Similar to how an oversized blazer can be worn as a dress (depending on the tailoring, of course), a sleeveless jacket can pull off this feat as well. I paired mine with a striped turtleneck for that fall/winter style. Tall boots completed the outfit. And if you don't feel comfortable wearing it as a dress, than layer the sleeveless jacket over jeans/trousers or a long maxi skirt. 

Mood: Cool.

It's 1:54pm and ready to bounce from work (shhh! I know creating blog content during work hours is frowned upon. But man, if I have time to spare, why not?). My coworker told THE wildest story and it's only the 2nd day of January 2020. Basically, in his country of Philippines around the holiday season they have something called Holy Week in which they do a live reenactment of the Crucifixion. But get this - in his village in Pampanga, a prisoner volunteers himself to be 'Jesus' and dude gets the whole freakin' treatment. I'm talking whipped across his back, crawling barefoot on stones, and  - can't forget this part - actually nailed to a wooden cross. I'm sorry, whaaa? And why come I'm JUST learning about this sort of event?! In doing so, the prisoner believes he'll be redeemed and forgiven of his sins/crimes. After all of that, his ass gets thrown right back in jail to await his death penalty. Mind freakin' blown. Me and my other coworkers were dumbfounded. I mean, I have soooo many questions. So many. Anywho, doesn't feel like winter outside at the moment which is a clear indicator that world is about to end. Gotta put some effort in my Poshmark and RewardStyle if I'm trying to make some good money this year. 

Catch ya later.