A year ago this month I attended the Backstreet Boys (aka my Boys) concert at the Verizon Center (now Capital One Arena but I'm still calling it Verizon Center until...whenever). It was hands down my favorite BSB concert I've attended. And I've attended quite a few which I did a rundown here.

My Boys knocked it outta the park with the production, video clips which played during intermissions and choreography. I liked how each Boy had a moment to shine in segments. Also, their voices were perfection. I swear as they get older their voices get stronger.

I took a lot of videos but managed to capture some photos.

Usually for BSB concerts, I always attend with a fellow stanner. However, I went solo dolo since a couple of my friends canceled last minute. This led to me buying my ticket last minute, too. Thank goodness I found a trustworthy person on FB (I went through a couple of scammers, though, and caught on to them before sending over my payment information.) Anywho, the ticket I bought from the trustworthy person had me sitting with her friends so I didn't feel quite alone. My coworker was also there with his girlfriend and bunch of their friends; they were seated over in the section next to us so we were texting throughout. Besides once the concert started, I was in my BSB zone.

What I wore: these floral shorts with an oversized boyfriend white blouse. A light outfit for a humid July evening. What a night.

It's interesting because I remember thinking to myself while looking at the sold out crowd how I've now become one of those fans that'll attend their favorite artist's concert even as we get older...and older...and older. I mean, Backstreet Boys is still in the game after 20 years and still going strong.

If there's a BSB concert, high chance I'll be there.