Styling Tip: Mix Prints with Accessories

Always wanted to try mix prints but didn't know how to start? My style tip for an easy transition into the wonderful world of mixing prints is to begin with accessories. 

Similar to how the right accessory can elevate a look, the right accessory can be the perfect mix to a print/pattern look. Remember it's all about choosing items that have the same color scheme. 

Earrings with graphics or shapes are a great start.

Another item that does well in a mix prints look are sunglasses. It can be wild like a pair of print frames or very subtle like sunglasses with a strip of bold, bright color.

Shoes can make or break an outfit. And it's even at a higher risk if attempting to mix prints. Striped shoes + striped skirt (see above) or contrasting prints like polka dots dress + leopard heels may be too much for a newbie in this world. So start simple with a pair of colorblock shoes.

Can't forget the bags! They want to play, too.
Once you've mastered mix prints with an accessory, have some fun by mixing two or more accessories into a look.

Or even an accessory item in a similar print. 

Mixing prints may appear intimidating. To get started, here are some standard mix print combinations:
  • stripe + floral
  • floral + polka dot
  • polka dot + stripe
  • animal print + stripe
  • animal print + polka dot

Happy mixing!