A 'Beach' Day

Well, I finally got my beach day. I even bought a new swimsuit and coverup for this occasion. However, this beach is really a state park in Maryland. A place I didn't even know existed until a few weeks ago.

Some resident I am.

My beach day was at Sandy Point State Park.

This 'beach' is along the shorelines of Chesapeake Bay in Anne Arundel County, MD. Also, it was a short 39 minute drive from where I live. This in comparison to driving almost 3 hours to get to either Ocean City (MD), Rehoboth (DE) or Virginia Beach (VA).

I appreciated Sandy Point putting in place COVID restrictions. We got there as early as possible (around 9am) to avoid being turned away once the park reaches its limited crowd capacity. There's a $5 entry fee, too. On the beach, I could see cluster of groups keeping the 6ft separation. The picnic area is included in the restrictions as well. I even saw a number of those party tents set up on location. People took the 6 feet thing quite seriously.

The water was cool and filled with jellyfish. Lots of rocks and pebbles. For the most part, the beach was tidy. We were allowed to get into the water at our own risk because lifeguards weren't on duty and it'll remain that way throughout the COVID restriction. Finally, can't bring alcohol inside the park. But we did.

Despite the blazing weather, it was a good day. And it scratched my beach itch.