Wine Tasting with Lodi Wine

Taking a page from last Friday's post, here's my recap of Lodi Wines Masterclass with Elaine Chukan Brown.

City Winery was the venue on a rainy morning weekday (hey, it's 5pm somewhere). The guests were treated with tastings of 3 groups of wine from Lodi Wine California. Elaine, the host/teacher, guided us through each glass, explaining its origin, process, and taste.

Elaine Chukan Brown

On the wine menu was Zinfandel, Reds, and Whites. Each group had four different types of wine. So if you're good with math, then you'd figured out with drank sipped 12 glasses of wine. In the morning. Again, 5pm somewhere.

(l-r) Fields Family Wines; Turley Wine Cellars; St. Amant Winery; LangeTwins Winery & Vineyard
(l-r) Michael David Winery; McCay Cellars; Precedent Wine; Mountain Tides Wine Co.
(l-r) Acquiesce Winery & Vineyards; Oak Farm Vineyards; Bokisch Vineyards; Markus Wine Co.
Holding my favorite wine from the tasting - Oak Farm Vineyards 2018 AlbariƱo ($24)
Taste: sweet, light, smooth, pleasant and refreshing.

This was such an enjoyable event. And quite informative, too. I still have my notes describing the taste from each wine (smoothness to texture to aftertaste), looking at it from time to time thinking, wow, all this for some wine. Yep! I may never get to that level of passion but I did like the experience of being around someone who genuinely does. In this case, Elaine with Lodi Wine California.

I'm ready for the next tasting.