29 Rooms

Oh, look. It's the good ol' days when I went to a fun art exhibition in DC. Such was life.

Photo recap of 29 Rooms, an immersive, art experience hosted by Refinery29.

*photo heavy post

I was beyond ecstatic when Refinery29 announced a new tour featuring a stop in DC. When tickets were released in July that year I quickly bought a one dated for my birthday, October 21. Knowing how quickly tickets sold out from previous years, it wouldn't make sense to ask folks if they were interested in purchasing so far ahead of time. Alone, I would go.

My only bummer was not having someone to take photos of me (yeah, I know). Thankfully, this was soon rectified because I struck up conversation with a woman standing in front me, waiting in line. She, too, was solo dolo 'cause her boyfriend was at work. We quickly agreed to help each other with photos. Problem solved. 

It was a great showcase of art work and interactive activities. I was even serenaded with a "Happy Birthday" song by a group of total strangers. Thinking of this still makes me smile. I swear, it's the little things.