Rumble DC

Finding new, creative ways to workout brings more excitement to, y'know, working out. This was me when I tried Rumble, a full-body, boxing-inspired fitness studio.
Let's get ready to rumble!

Honestly, I needed a safe place to let out pent up frustrations, and let's face it, anger. I remembered my time at Rumble last year and wanted to give it another try. 

Thankfully, the DC location reopened briefly last month. 

The 10 rounds, 45 minute workout will have you exhausted but revitalized. Split into two sections within the duration - boxing skills and resistance training - your ENTIRE body will feel each and every impact. Trust. It should be noted due to safety, we were masked up and spaced out, six feet socially distanced apart. Doing so limits the amount of people allowed in a class, giving off a truly intimate setting.

The trainers are seriously on point, bringing so much energy that'll have you pumped up even though you're ready to faint on the spot. I've quickly found a favorite - Mona Garcia. Okay, kinda biased over here because I've known Mona for years through the DC fashion blogging scene. Her style was one of my favorites. She has since left to focus on her true passion - fitness, especially running.

(l-r) Mona, some woman, Brea
Before the workout, it'll be suggested to bring wraps to protect your hands inside the Rumble gloves (both items are sold onsite and online; if not ready to purchase the gloves, one will be provided only for the workout and must be returned once done). The studio has plenty of personal lockers and bathrooms with all the bells and whistles needed for the DC work crowd to quickly freshen up after a successful session. Currently, since we're in a pandemic, the showers and sauna are closed. 

I'm all about aesthetic and this studio's artwork is quite creative: a perfect mix of DC + pop culture. And they bring it with the music, too. Mostly hip-hop and rap, which is alright with me. 

So, are you ready to rumble? Until locations reopen again, try out their Rumble TV.

2001 M St. NW, Suite 12