It's early in the morning, around 5:51am. Chloe x Halle album, Ungodly Hour, is playing in the background. Finished posting a photo of today's affirmation (from Nothing is Worth More Than This Day) on my Instagram Stories and couldn't decide if it should have a purple hue or red hue thanks to one of my best purchases from last year - LED+ Color Changing Light Bulb with Remote Control. I've been obsessed with this little item. Such things bring me joy and excitement.

The year that shall not be named completed its contract two days ago. If you've been a long-time reader of this lil' ol' blog of mine, you may have noticed there's no recap to read. Because on 12/30/XX and 12/31/XX my heart was not into taking time outta my chill days to concentrate on words and photos and bullet lists. Nah fam. It just wasn't. 

Am I still gonna do one? Nope. We're in 2021.

Will I regret this decision further down the line? Maybe. I like to read my past entries to remember the good ol' days. But at this very moment, I'm just not there.

It's not like that year wasn't all bad for me. There were fairly okay moments I can reminisce and smile about. Like, hello!, I turned 4-0. Whew. What a number. I couldn't celebrate the way I wanted which was traveling to Napa Valley or Dubai for their expo. But to be gathered around my sister and friends at one of my favorite DC restaurants was awesome, too. Plus I treated myself to a staycation at one of my favorite DC hotels. See? Things to smile about.

Plus working in the healthcare industry came with an 'essential worker' tag meaning I was able to work throughout the panoramic pandemonium pandemic. I will never (never never ever never ever) take this for granted. 

Then there's America finally getting something right by voting in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice President of this country, respectively. This matters.

But overall, 20XX was pretty damn shitty. Like, what didn't happen? And I can't even bring myself to breakdown everything that went wrong. I went through it, you went through it, we went through it. We're still going through it. Truly, everything's on your favorite browser. Mine's so happen to be Google and I use it constantly. My BFF.

We deserve a do over. But it's not the way the world works. All I can do is what I've maintained to do from last year - take it one day at a time and hope for the best.

My future starts when I wake up every morning.
That's when it starts - when I wake up and see the first light.
Then I'm grateful.
(Miles Davis)

Intertwined in Fine Crossbody Bag