Fiery Tag

Taken at Shecky's Girls Night Out last Dec.
I was tagged recently for the Blog on Fire! award. Thanks, Kim of Curvy CEO!


  1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
  3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  4. Go to their blog and tell them that you have tagged them.

Let's begin, shall we?

11 Random Things About Me
Probably I'm just being lazy but I can't think of 11 more random facts about myself. I think I've listed them all here and here. So check it out.

Questions to Answer
1. Name a dessert you don't like.  I'm not a fan of any dessert that has fruit in it. I would even go as far to say anything fruit flavored. If I do have to eat it (re: no other options available and/or I want something sweet in my tummy), I'll just pick out the fruit or try to eat the non-fruity sections of the desert. Yes, it's that real. Stop looking at me like that.
2. How far back can you remember? Age 5? Age 3? The earliest memory I have of myself is when I was 4yrs old. Maybe 5. It was a Saturday morning and I recall playing with my toys in the living room. The sun was beaming through the ceiling to floor windows of the apartment. It just brightened the whole area. The TV was on but I don't remember what was showing. Music was playing. I was just so happy that day. Another early memory I remember was when I was 6yrs old. Thanksgiving Day. We were moving from our apartment to our new home, a rowhouse. I was carrying a box of utensils from the elevator to our car. I was excited.
3. What is your favorite city in the world? I don't think I have a favorite city in the world. I've traveled but I think I need to do a bit more travelling before I can come up with the answer.
4. Do you feel like the best is yet to come? Definitely!
5. Be honest: An 'eye for an eye' or 'turn the other cheek'? A little bit of both. There's nothing wrong with giving someone a taste of their own medicine. Just do not go overboard with it. The only time I reach that point of giving someone their medicine is when I'm done turning the other cheek. I can overlook a lot of things. But once I feel that I have reached that limit, yeah, it's not pretty.
6. How many brothers and/or sisters do you have? One (big) little brother and one (big) little sister. I'm the oldest, shortest and fattest. Yay, me.

7. What is your favorite blog post you've done so far? My favorite post is Gold Rush. It featured items that I bought from Macy's at a ridiculously affordable price. It's actually one of my favorite outfits from last year. I wore it to the Bloggers Night Out DC.

8. What are you most looking forward to in 2012? Lots of things! *chuckles*
9. You have an unexpected hour of free time. What do you do? Hmmm...I'd either catch up on my TV shows or read up on my magazines/books.
10. Where is your favorite place to shop? Thrift/Vintage stores! Old Navy! ASOS!
11. Do you like to cook? I don't care much for cooking. If I have to, I will. If I don't, oh well. answer these eleven (11) questions:
1) What is your sign? Are the characteristics of that sign pretty accurate description of yourself?
2) What was your style like back in high school? Give a visual example. *evil grin*
3) Do you like to watch sports? If so, which one?
4) Besides DC, which other city/town/state/country have you lived in?
5) If you were given the opportunity, which celebrity would you banish from the limelight?
6) Which fashion faux pas do you secretly like?
7) Sunglasses being worn indoors at a club, lounge, etc. What are your thoughts?
8) Name your favorite TV show guilty pleasure.
9) Where is the location of your ultimate dream vacation?
10) There are a couple types people become when tipsy: flirty, touchy, loud, sleepy (me!), etc. Which type are you?
11) What is your greatest asset?