(I was going to go with 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' as the title of this post. But, as you can see, my sheep is white. Bummed, I blurted out 'Baaa!' I laughed because I can be corny at times and decided to go along with a sheep's sound as the title. The end.)

Last year when I posted this look on my Facebook page (weirdly enough, around this same month; just 6 days apart), Elle and Wave commented on how they, too, have the Old Navy sheep sweater. We all agreed that we should do a shoot of us wearing the item. Totally forgot until recently. I'm in the process of purging out my closet and separating the stuff I'll give away from the stuff I'm going to sell. This Old Navy sheep sweater will be one of the items I'm selling. I wanted to give it a go one more time before it finds a new home so I reached out to Wave and Elle to see if they were still down for the shoot. Unfortunately, Elle couldn't find hers so it was just me and Wave. I mentally inserted Elle throughout my photos, though. And you should do the same. 

dc plus size style

I love a good pair of tights but I immediately knew this wasn't the time to wear one. So I braved the cold weather and bared my legs. Went for a three-shades-of-grey look with the Old Navy stretch pencil skirt and a Forever 21 chain strap purse that I got on sale for like $8. I do wish I wore my Spanx. I was kind of in a rush and the thought of wrestling into the smoother...yeah, I wasn't in the mood. I try not to wear bodycon/form fitting skirts/dresses because, really, I just don't like how I look in them. And when I do, I tend to always have a layer piece or make sure that my top is a bit looser so, when tucked in, I can billow it out to the point that it covers the top row of my rolls (Yes. Top row. Of my rolls.) and gives the illusion that I have a defined shape. Having barely no hips, a large torso, and about 90% of my fat distributed to said torso gets to me. Especially coming from a family of really slim women with a defined shape (my Dad's side) and very shapely women (my Mom's side). And...there's me. *laughs* Trust, I try my best to work with what I've got and I can confidently say that I do a pretty good job at times. But I guess there's always going to be something that's off that'll continue to pester me. That's life.

Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy
Heels: Avenue
Purse: Forever 21
Necklace: gifted
Earrings: thrifted
Lipstick: MAC Riri Woo

Meanwhile, I'm still a fan of monochromatic looks. I've done blue, white (sorta), this time around grey. I'm shooting for a brighter color next time. Maybe purple? Nah, that's my favorite color. I'll try red. This will be a challenge for me because I'm not a fan of the color red (except on lips and nails) and I truly own, maybe, 2 or 3 clothing items in that color.

*insert Elle to the left so it'll balance out - tall, short, tall*
Head over to Wave's blog to see how she styled her sweater - Pich and Roor.

Have a great week ahead, everyone!