Broccoli City Festival '17

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Event: Broccoli City Festival
Date: Saturday, May 6
Where: Gateway DC
I've been wanting to hit up the Broccoli City Festival since its inception some five years ago. Each year brings forth some fantastic headliners. And this year was no exception with Rae Sremmurd and Solange. Now, I've seen both acts before at different cities (Solange in DC and Houston, Rae Sremmurd in Las Vegas) so it's like, why seem them again? Because I wanted to, dammit.

Below are photos with commentary.

Enjoyed the festival with Adanna, Zi (my sister), and Brea.
We did VIP which turned out to be the right move because of the rainy weather.
Enclosed tents with free drinks.
Not enough lounging areas, though.
bcfest2017 dc gateway
However, there weren't a lot of activities in the VIP.
So we left to walk around the festival and check out some booths.
There was also a large marketplace to view accessories, apparel, and art.
This is meant to be Solange.
Artwork by Trapxbob.
Brea, some girl, and Franky
Totally has to be referencing Insecure.
Photo taken during Lil' Yachty's performance.
Been curious 'bout this fella and wanted to see what the hype was all about.
His set was all kinds of meh. Wasn't impressed.
At all.
Rae Sremmurd
These young men know how to perform.
Energetic. Charismatic. 
She did her thang.
Per usual.
Hmmm. Do I have enough energy to attend another festival this summer?

Doubt it. We shall see.