Transition Your Style: Summer to Fall

transition your style summer to fall

*originally posted on 09/2017

Fall season is coming! Well, according to my calendar, it's a couple of weeks away. But, still. It's almost here.

Let's talk fall fashion, which is like one of the best things about this season, right? And just like that, our poor summer clothes are quickly being stuffed inside bins or pushed to the back of the closet.

But not so fast!

There are quite a few summer items that can easily be paired with the warmer items. Easily. Here are my tips on how to transition summer looks into the fall season.

I don't know about you, but I plan to continue showing off my shoulders this fall. Try pairing off shoulder tops with a pair of textured pants. Hey, the pants can even be white (yes, white). If you're more of a skirt kinda gal, like myself, then wear it with a flowy maxi skirt. I'm thinking either in a vintage floral print or even a pleated metallic number. On the feet, rock some high-heel booties or knee high boots.

I've always been here for midi skirts worn in the cooler seasons, especially when paired with boots. It's just a great combination! Recently, I wore a midi skirt with a sleeveless jacket but only because we're still experiencing milder than usual weather around these parts. But the jacket was a darker tone that complemented the color of the skirt, so it still read 'fall'.

Swap out the sleeveless jacket for a chic bomber jacket. Trade the tee for a sweatshirt or sweater. Rock sneakers for an athleisure look or oxfords for a preppier take.

The thing about wearing mini skirts is having our legs exposed to the cold weather. Just shivering their lives away. But hey, that's why tights were created - to keep our legs all warm and toasty. And these days, tights come in all sorts of different colors, designs, and textures. Also, with the rise of over the knee boots these past couple of years, having our kneecaps shivering should no longer be a problem. Hopefully, I'll finally own a pair of OTK boots that can fit my wide-ass thighs and wide-ass calves and wide-ass feet. Pray for ya girl. I do like the combo of a mini skirt with a longline cardigan

The easiest way to amp up a slip dress for the Fall is to add a (faux) leather jacket as an outerwear piece. Or a denim jacket, like I did. For a modern 90s twist (which is still going strong), wear a turtleneck under the slip dress. Short, simple, and sweet.

See, not so bad. Simple steps to make transitioning summer pieces into fall an easy one. And since we're still in 'Rona season, make sure to add a complementary face mask to your stylish outfit.