Roots Picnic '15

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And here I was thinking this was an inaugural festival or at least something that pops off every other year. But, nope. It was the 8th Annual Roots Picnic. Um...where have I been, though?

Honestly, this festival was all new to me. And if it's held at the same venue next year, I ain't going. For the crowd it produced (and word on the street, it was a sold out event), the Festival Pier at Penn's Landing in Philly just couldn't contain us. It was hot and humid and packed and a bit rowdy, to be honest. In fact, there were moments when I thought to myself, "This may be the last time I head to a music festival." It was that real. But then I thought of how much fun was had at Made in America (twice!) and the Governors Ball.  So, in conclusion, it came down to the space/venue - it was too damn small.

The Roots Picnic
ASAP Rocky
The Roots Picnic
Jay Ellis of Insecure and Amanda Seales
The Roots Picnic
The Weeknd

The line-up was pretty good. The headliners were The Roots (duh) and Erkyah Badu. Some of the performers included ASAP Rocky, The Weeknd, and Rae Sremmurd. Sidenote: Please listen or at least buy Rae Sremmurd's debut album. It's sooo good. Anywho, there was also DJ Mustard but 1) we thought he would actually be present but it turned out to be a set of his songs but...2) the set wasn't even all his! So wack. To my surprise, The Weeknd turned out to be a fantastic live performer. His voice was so crisp; not a bum note to be heard. Also, dude is a FREAK. Not like 'freak of nature'. *shakes head* No. Like, an actual freak. Freaky freak. Flicking his tongue freak. My eyes have seen.

The Weeknd with his SAMCRO-like jacket.
I've been binge-watching Sons of Anarchy. On Season 4 right now.
Sunset flow in Tildon 45mm Retro Sunglasses from Nordstrom
Full outfit post coming soon.