Moving Forward

Making it Work with Shein
Taking a cue from last year's wrap-up, here's my recap of 2018.

Is This Your Spring?!
Macy's Backstage Pt. Deux
  • Partnership with Chase Bank: Till this day, I don't know how or why they chose me to help usher in their new locations with fun activities/events in the DC area. But my word, I'm forever thankful and grateful. Plus in doing so - and being so impressed with the team - I opened a new savings account with Chase before the year ran out. Yay me.
  • Panelist at Curvaceous Lush Presents: Curvy Girl Networking Happy Hour. Twas my first speaking engagement of the year. Have I told you guys how much I don't like public speaking? I'm sure I have. Multiple times. I'll try to stop saying it because whether I like it or not, more speaking engagements will be coming my way. And if it aligns with my brand, then why would I turn it down because of fear? Practice makes perfect, they say. Yeah, right. Anywho, it still weirds me out knowing there are people out there who wants to know my thoughts on various of topics. All because of this blog. Who knew?
  • Ambassador for Straight/Curve + Plus in the DMV event
  • Preview of My City 4 Ways hosted by ESSENCE and Ford
  • Invited to the launch of the ModCloth Fit Shop
  • Hosted a styling event for Loft plus launch at Fairfax Corner
  • Panelist at Thrifting Divas Presents: Sip, Style, Swap
Two Piece Set
Fall Kimonos
TV Watch:
  • I completed The Office. It was a breeze until I got to the final season. I didn't like the final season. Took me almost three months to complete the final season.
  • Scandal bid adieu.
  • Still stanning hard for The Good Place
  • At least Game of Thrones finally comes back next spring. Took their asses long enough.
  • The first episode of You was one of my favorite pilot episode I've watched in quite some time. 
  • I still love the NBA but haven't been watching much this season because my home team sucks and the way the league is treating Melo. 
  • Narcos: Mexico was simply amazing. The critics were raving over Diego Luna (warranted) but I felt like Michael Peña did his thang. He stole the show for me.
  • Black Panther - This was the movie event of 2018. The buzz was electric. Thankfully, the movie matched the hype. Not only was it a great action film but it gave us so many catchphrases, too ("Wakanda forever" "IS THIS YOUR KING?!!"). 
  • A Star is Born
  • Widows
  • Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse
  • However, the best movie I watched this year, BY FAR, was Coco. Yes, I'm aware the movie came out last year. Well, thanks to Netflix, I got the chance to watch the phenomenon this year. And boy, it deserves all the hype. What a movie.

Monday Blues
The first half of 2018 was a hot ass mess. Not even talking about the hot ass mess that happened (and continues to be happening) in this country because of the useless guy in the White House. Case in point: As of today, the guy in the White House has issued a government shutdown preventing 800,000 federal employees from working and/or working and not getting paid, all because his plan of getting $5 billion to build a new wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has not been implemented. Fucktard.


I'm talking personally. It was a dire mess. I worked overtime to continue staying on my spiritual path which blossomed last year. Because, boy, was it hard to do so when things were looking so bleak. But I thank God for those hard times because I somewhat preserved and entered what would turn out to be an awesome second half of 2018. And I'm definitely not taking both phases for granted.

For the first time in a long time, I'm truly excited and ready for the new year. I may not be exactly where I want to be but weirdly enough, I'm exactly where I need to be. Kinda hard to explain. Surely, there will be pitfalls and obstacles I'll stumble through. And that is a-okay. But I'm over here speaking into existence that 2019 will be a pretty fantastic year for me and YOU. I claim it.

You should to.