Bullet Points

This will be a quick-n-easy overview of my '17.

Maybe because I'm feeling under the weather and my bed is calling my name.

Patterns and Embellishments
Style Edit

  • Eloquii concept store - I worked for Eloquii during their pop-up/concept days. It's now an official brick and mortar store.
  • Sisterhood & Style - While working at Eloquii, my friends and I got together to create a women empowerment event. It was cool. Also it was the day I realized that I really need to do more events with me talking. My sis and mom were surprised at how comfortable I was on the 'stage'. Me? I was sweating bullets and mentally farting. Gotta get over this fear of public speaking. Quite annoying. Especially considering in my younger elementary/middle school days, I was doing plays and musicals with little to no fear. What changed? Ugh.
  • Catherines store opening - When a plus size store opens in the DC area, it's a good day. 
  • Appeared twice on TV - Good Day DC and Great Day Washington - to model for Eloquii. 
  • Houston + Austin - Super Bowl Weekend. Got to see Wale perform at a block party and Solange perform at the pre-Super Bowl event. Day trip to Austin. 
  • Las Vegas - 4th time's a charm? Main reason for this trip was to see my Backstreet Boys at their residency show. A nice surprise was the Sunday day party concert featuring my babies Rae Sremmurd.
  • Letchworth, England - Cousin's wedding aka family reunion of sorts.
  • London
  • Paris - First time. Not my last.
Golden Hour
Tied Up
Mini Situation

Cool Art:
  • Hope Outdoor Gallery - Think of it as a graffiti wonderland.
  • Seven Magic Mountains - If you want to get away from the craziness that is Las Vegas, take a 25 minute ride to this sculpture that's smack dab in the middle of a desert.
  • Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors - Expanding the world of infinite space.
  • Walala x Play - Three-dimensional interactive maze created by Camille Walala.
  • Black Abstract - Showcasing twenty-one black women artists abstract work.
  • Spirit of Autumn - Bridging the gaps between art, science, and technology with its immersive and interactive art.

Great Music:
  • Jazmine Sullivan at The Fillmore. First time I've been to a concert by myself. And of all days, I chose Valentine's Day. A bit uncomfortable but once Jazmine started performing, all the nerves went away.
  • Wale at a block party.
  • Solange during Super Bowl weekend.
  • Backstreet Boys at Planet Hollywood.
  • Rae Sremmurd at Drai's Beachclub.
  • Broccoli City Festival - Solange and Rae Sremmurd. Again.

Cold Shoulder
Back Into It
Flock of Birds

TV Watching:
  • My usuals: Game of Thrones, Scandal, The Good Place (I heart this show so fuckin' much!), This is Us, Chewing Gum, Designated Survivor, House of Cards, Jane the Virgin, Stranger Things, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Master of None, Orange is the New Black (I may drop this one), Narcos, Shameless, Insecure, Power, and so much more. 
  • Binged: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Better Call Saul, Black Mirror. Currently binging The Americans.
  • New shows: The Handmaid's Tale, Dear White People (underrated), She's Gotta Have it (Meh. Probably won't watch the next season), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Ozark, Big Little Lies, Mindhunter
Movies: hahahaha. Okay, okay. Does Mudbound count? I did watch Get Out when it was released. The movie deserves all of the praise and recognition. Thanks to Verizon On Demand, I watched Split, ArrivalFences, and Moonlight. And I watched La La Land, but didn't finish it, on a plane ride. So y'know, movies that came out in 2016. 

Catherines Store Opening Event
Gray and Silver
One Suit, 3 Ways

Okay, so this wasn't all 'quick-n-easy'. But it's not quite as detailed as my previous yearly recaps. And that's okay.

I'm grateful for what this year has brought me and taught me. As with everyone, there were high moments and low moments. I will say that delving more into my spiritual growth helped tremendously during the low moments. And while music will always take me to my happy place, I've added a couple more 'self care' tasks that brings me so much joy: dance videos and internet comedians. Oh and Tasty videos. Man, am I addicted to those. Okay, my favorite choreographer is Nicole Kirkland followed by Mikey DellaVella, Josh Williams, Galen Hooks, and Alex Chung. My favorite dancers list is just too damn long to list. Favorite internet comedian, by a mile, is Renny. Then we got Khadi and Reggie Couz. I follow way more on the 'Gram and Youtube, but the ones listed right here are my tried and true.

2018. I'm unsure of what it'll bring. I have a feeling it'll be unpredictable. And I'm sorta kinda ready for it.

Happy New Year!