So, yeah. 2013 just steamrolled its way into my life, quickly saying 'hi!' and 'bye!' at the same damn time. Truly, I still remember when I created my 2012 recap. Yikes.

dc plus size style
H Street Festival
My brother said that my shirt looks like something Mr. Roper from Three's Company would have worn. 

Confession: I blogged much less this year. I'm talking about 37 posts less than last year. SHAME! Well, I know ONE thing I have to do better in 2014. Geez. Besides that, it was all good in the hood for my blog. Opened up a Facebook page, Instagram page, AND Pinterest page for my blog. I created the Pinterest page late last month so it's still pretty empty plus I have to will myself to be more active on that page. I hosted my first event, FABB Girls x ALDO Accessories, along with some of my blogger friends. Became a first time vendor at YMSSS event. Took a trip during my birthday month to the Big Apple for the LuckyFABB Conference where I met quite a few bloggers including Gabi of Gabifresh. Wore a spiffy dress to cover the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball II red carpet and ran into Christina of LoveBrownSugar. Speaking of bloggers, I got the chance to attend Leandra of Man Repeller book launch event, and catch up with the DC fashion scene at Cocktails with Claire of Fashion Bomb Daily. And many opportunities came my way including partnering up with Avenue (here/here) and City Chic x Sonsi.com.

Outfit looks posted on Instagram
Not as many concerts as I would have liked to attend this year but seeing Solange at the 9:30 Club and going to both Day 1 and Day 2 of the Made in America Festival in Philly ain't so bad. I mean, in those two days I got to see performances by Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and his crew, Miguel, Phoenix, ASAP Rocky, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, 2 Chainz, Solange (again), and host of others. The only group I was sad I didn't get the chance to see (due to us being late) was Haim. I'm hoping next year I start it out with a bang by attending concerts from Jay-Z (again), Pentatonix (again) and Bruno Mars (THIS! IS! A! MUST!).

Outfit looks posted on Instagram
A lot of new shows popped up but only a few held my attention like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Orphan Black, and Masters of Sex. One show ended in grand style - Breaking Bad. And, of course, my 'old timers' still holds a special place in my heart: Parenthood, Modern Family, Nashville, Scandal, Game of Thrones. I still have a bunch of shows I need to catch up on...and by 'catch up on' I mean start from Season 1: Sons of Anarchy, Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story, etc. (If Tayne is reading this, she probably gave that sentence a nice side-eye).

Caught the live taping of the very popular podcast, The Read, hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle.
I went with Elle and Shella.
So much fun that night.
At first I thought my Favorite Ig'nant Song of '13 was FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt. But then Drake's "Versace Versace. Medusa head on me like I'm 'luminati. This is a gated community, please get the fuck off the property" came along. But one great line (and honestly, his whole verse) does not make a favorite ig'nant song, right? Right. But, man, that Jay-Z/Rick Ross ditty doesn't hold a candle to years past like Bandz a Make Her Dance, No Hands, and Pretty Boy Swag.

Ah well. 2013 in music made me realize -
  • I absolutely adore Bruno Mars. Like, ADORE. 
  • I am beyond happy for Pentatonix and their now world-wide recognition. Clearly, I stan for this group. Clearly.
  • T-Swizzle is my home girl.
  • I've gained a new appreciation for Beyonce. Also, what a remarkable feat she accomplished with her self-titled album. I like the videos more than the songs, though. My favorite song from the album is Drunk in Love. Favorite video is ***Flawless.
  • I go hard for Kanye's music but Yeezus was not it. No. 
  • The same for Magna Carta...Holy Grail. No.
  • Pink is everything. Really. She is.
My book reading sucked this year. So badly. I have to step my game up in that department. But I can say, with confidence, that Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns was one of the worst books I've read in quite some time. My word. So while my book reading left a lot to be desired, my journal writing definitely picked up. I hope I can keep that going next year.

Now the moment you've been waiting for is here. My favorite looks of 2013...in no particular order! Okay. I lied. It's in chronological order. Click on the caption to lead directly to the post.

Gray Day

Colorfully Pressed

Something Old to Something New

FABB Girls x Aldo Accessories 

A Mural Evening

Inspiration #7
I want to thank you for making Heart, Print & Style somewhat a part of your daily reading this year. I will continue to update this blog much more frequently - style posts, entertainment posts, event posts, anything posts. If it moves me to post, I will post.

Personally, it was a good year. Of course, there were some obstacles and road blocks along the way but I persevered. Looking forward to what '14 has in store for me. Grateful for my family, extended family, friends, and this community. Thank you and God bless!